Application Process And Timeline

American Embassy School welcomes applications throughout the calendar year. The Admissions Team can help you decide when would be the best time to apply. Our Team is here to help you make the right choice for your child, even if you end up choosing another school. Ultimately, our goal is to set your child up for success.


Application Checklist

We encourage you to submit all documents required to complete the application process, including obtaining confidential recommendations from your child’s teacher at all times of the year. Please do go through the checklist in detail and ensure all documents and payments are submitted.


AES Online Application
School Records
Standardized Test Results
AES Teacher Confidential Recommendation Form
AES Counselor Recommendation Form
Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten Developmental Questionnaire
Passport and Visa Information
Employer Verification Letter
New Student Health Forms
Enrollment Agreement
Application Fee
AES Physical Examination Form