Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fees

School Year 2018-19
Grade Tuition
Pre-Kindergarten US$ 18,037
KG-Grade 5 US$ 24,056
Grade Tuition
Grades 6-8 US$ 28,075
Grade Tuition
Grades 9-12 US$ 29,598
Application Fee (per student, non-refundable, one-time – NEW STUDENTS ONLY) US$ 500
Registration Fee (per student, non-refundable, one-time)* US$10,000 (PK3) US$ 15,000 (PK4-12)
English as an Additional Language Support Fee** US$ 2,800 (ES) US$ 2,900 (MS) US$ 1,100 (HS)

* The Registration Fee is a one-time capital levy that is required of each newly enrolled student. For PK3 students, the balance of registration fees ($5,000) is due the subsequent year.

** The EAL fee is an annual fee that is required of each student receiving English as an Additional Language support.

Grades Pre-K – Grade 8 US$ 760
Distance from AES Round Trip One-Way
0-4 Kms. US$ 1,300 US$ 650
4-6 Kms. US$ 1,550 US$ 775
6-8 Kms. US$ 1,700 US$ 850
8-12 Kms. US$ 1,750 US$ 875
12-16 Kms. US$ 1,870 US$ 935
16+ Kms. US$ 2,100 US$ 1,050
Advance Deposit Policy

New Student – Once your child/ren has been offered admissions, you need to pay the advance deposit of USD 2000 within 10 days to secure your child/ren’s spaces (this amount will be offset from the tuition fee).

Current Families ( Re-enrollment )  – Advance Deposit of USD 2000 is due on April 1st for all August applicants. A Late fee of additional $500 will be charged after April 1st which will make the total advance deposit $2500.

Please note that while the online application is done at one time for all members of the family, each applicant is considered an individual when applying to AES. Admission to AES is not considered as a family and decisions regarding admissibility and the allocation of seats are done on an individual applicant basis.  This is also true of payments. of the application fee and advance, a deposit is required per applicant.

Payment of Fees
U.S. Dollar Payments
All dollar tuition and fee payments are required to be made via a bank draft payable through a U.S. bank in the U.S.A or electronic wire bank transfer. Personal dollar checks drawn on a U.S. bank account will be accepted. Payments in cash are not accepted.
Indian Rupee Payments
Payment may be made in Indian rupees when approved by the Director of Operations and Business. Payment must be made by check, bank draft, or wire transfer drawn on a New Delhi bank. The Director of Operations and Business will establish the AES Rupee/US $ exchange rate for each month, by the first of each month. The AES exchange rate will be available at the Business Office and will be posted on the AES website. All rupee payments received by AES in a given month will be converted at the AES exchange rate in effect that month.

Checks should be made payable to the “American Embassy School” and delivered to the following address:


Attention: Business Office

Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri

New Delhi-110021


Any additional charges incurred for electronic bank wire transfers of funds, including charges for confirming the receipt of payment by the school’s U.S.A-based banks, together with bank fees for collecting checks or for returning bad checks or associated fees charged to the school will be passed on to the responsible parent or guardian.

Wire transfer payments (not check deposits) may be made to the account below, and should contain the following:

Student Name:________________________

Parent Name: _________________________

Account Name: American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

Account Number: Checking Account 6550392343

Bank Name: Bank of America

Bank Address: 222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038

Bank Phone: +1 (646) 841 1229 (Helpline)

ABA Routing No.: 026009593

Swift Code: BOFAUS3N

Returning/Continuing student Fee Statements shall be couriered to your home addresses by the third week of May; new students will receive invoices after the second week of July.

In case you do not receive these statements by the dates stated above, kindly contact the business office.

Student Billing

Email address:

Phone: +91-11-2688-8854 ext. 3515