Welcome to the AES Website

Welcome to our  website! One of the useful  features  is the ability to customize this page as your very own AES Home Page. Here are some additional links to current information we think you'll find helpful:

If you sign in, you'll get access to the entire site, including some information that's not quite appropriate to share with the whole world (like the School Board's home phone numbers!). You'll also be able to "bookmark" pages with a feature we call QuickLinks.

We think you'll like some of the great new features of our site. To learn more about this project, visit our help page. There, you'll find a list of helpful  features, and more.

Like all good websites, this will always be a work in progress. We will be going through a full review and overhaul this year - if you have ideas or suggestions, please contact us!

Gary Coyle
Director of Technology

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