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Dear AIS and AES Alumni,

Our official alumni web site, AIS/AES ALUMNI NETWORK, is edited and maintained by Mary Williamson, (AIS Class of 1974).

We welcome posts from you!  News, information, and photos for posting may be emailed to Mary at

If you are an AIS or AES alumni and wish to be added onto our alumni list, please email Mary and provide her the following information:

1. Your full name (include maiden name, if applicable);

2. The actual year you graduated (you do not have to have physically graduated from AIS/AES – as long as you attended AIS/AES, we consider you an alumni!)

3. Include whether you graduated from AIS/AES or from another school

4. Your email address (two addresses allowed per alumni)

Your information will not be posted online.  Your information is kept offline in our master contact-information spreadsheet for record keeping.  However, once we have your information, we can update your online class roster to reflect you from Looking For status to FOUND!

In addition, we are on Facebook with the same name, AISAES ALUMNI NETWORK .  Our Facebook page is an offshoot of our web site; and it is an informal forum where we welcome daily interaction with students, faculty, staff, and AES friends.  Like our page to show your support!

Periodically check both our web site and Facebook page for news, information, and updates. 

Thanks, always, for your support.






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