Hindi Beginners

HINDI – Beginners

Ms. Poonam Arora (Tel. 98-102-29280)

Ms. Poonam Arora is a certified Hindi teacher and has many years of experience in teaching Hindi. She has done her Masters in Hindi Literature. Her love of the language encouraged her to take up teaching Hindi in Delhi and Assam. Poonam has been involved in creative writing in Hindi, translation work from English language to Hindi language for various NGOs, educational institutes and film scripts.

Hindi Beginners course will focus on conversational Hindi for beginners or non-native speakers, to enable them to use Hindi for day-to-day casual interactions – whether it’s to order a coffee or ask for directions. The program will introduce participants to the Hindi alphabets and phonetics. An interactive approach will be used to make participants enjoy the learning process and engage with the language. Classroom conversations, role-play, and use of multimedia tools are some of the ways to experience the language more effectively, and enhance the learning process.

Two separate sessions will be offered this semester. The same course content will be taught at both the sessions.

Monday and Wednesday Class
Mon and Wed – 5:30-6:30 pm – 24 classes – 1 hr each
Fee: $175 or equivalent INR (as per the AES Business Office exchange rate)
Begins: Monday, February 5
Maximum class size –12

Friday and Saturday Class
Fridays – 5:30-6:30 pm and Saturdays – 10:30am-11:30 am – 24 classes – 1hr each
Fee: $175 or equivalent INR (as per the AES Business Office exchange rate)
Begins: Friday, February 9

Maximum class size –12