Trees and Bird of Delhi


Nature Walks in the Gardens and Parks with Debika


Ms. Debika Kumar (Tel. 99-710-22041)

Tuesdays, 8.30-11:00 am – 4 classes – 2.5 hours each

Fee: $ 80 or equivalent INR (as per the AES Business Office exchange rate)

Begins: Tuesdays, February 12

Dates of the walks are: February 12, 19, 26 and March 5

Maximum class size – 10


Each week we will visit a different park or garden in our beautiful city. We will see hundreds of varieties of trees, both native and exotic. I will tell you how to recognize them and why they are special. We should also be able to spot around forty kinds of birds. Please bring along binoculars if you have a pair. Otherwise, a keen pair of eyes and a notebook will suffice. Call Debika if you have questions or suggestions.