Welcome back! Whether you attended AIS or AES; whether you were a phantom, a falcon or a tiger, whether you were a day student or a boarding student… we’re so glad you’re back for a visit!

With a transient community, AES considers all of our former students as alumni, whether you received your diploma or not. No matter how long your stay, we hope your days at AES were happy ones.

AES reaches out to our alumni directly, and also supports the wonderful efforts of the AIS/AES Alumni Network. This enthusiastic group of former AIS/AES students shares information and news through its website and Facebook page, and also holds a reunion in Washington, DC every 5 years. Check in with them today to see which of your friends are already there!

Now’s the time to leave your details and stay in touch. Just take a few minutes to fill out the form below, and we’ll be sure to add you to our mailing list for periodic AES Alumni News. Also, if you are located in Delhi, we’ll keep you up-to-date with concerts, tournaments, performances, and melas that may be of interest.

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Coming to campus?

Returning to Delhi after time away? We can’t wait to welcome you on campus! Here are a few tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Send an email to to let us know when you’ll be in town, including the full names of all those in your group.
  • Enter via Gate 2 on Chandragupta Marg, and be sure to bring photo ID for any adults in your group. We’ll get you through our security station just as quickly as possible.

For former students who are still in school

We know how exciting it is to visit school again after time away and spend time in the classroom and with friends. During typical school breaks, we sometimes have 20+ students visiting in one day! In order to provide a welcoming atmosphere and keep school running smoothly, we have a few policies and procedures in place:

Elementary and Middle School

  • Former students and guests are allowed to attend one day. They must shadow a student of a similar age. A parent request must be submitted three days in advance to the appropriate divisional office; all guests must provide an emergency contact number. For Elementary students, classroom teacher permission is required (and will be obtained by the administration.)

High School

  • Former students who are not graduates are allowed to visit one day (hosted by a current AES student), during lunch period (11:50am – 12:30pm), with at least a 24 hour notice approval from the HS administration. Guests (non AES-students) and former students are welcome to come after school (beginning at 3:45pm) any day with proper guard clearance (accompanied by a current student with proper ID presented at the gate).

For AES Graduates with an Alumni ID Card

Several years ago, we began issuing Alumni ID cards to all students who graduated from AES. We love having our students come back to visit, and have a few systems in place to ensure you can come back and enjoy your time on campus. These policies reflect a few changes made in May 2017.

  • Students with an AES Alumni badge may visit campus without an appointment, though it’s always appreciated if you let us know if you are coming in advance. Email your plans to
  • Upon arrival, students should present their ID badge to the Security station at Gate 2, and go through standard security checks. Any guests should provide photo ID in exchange for a visitor’s badge.
  • Alumni need to check in with either the Marketing/Communications Office, or the HS Administration.
  • Should students be interested in visiting the High School, they will need to follow the HS procedures for visiting students (see above).
  • Alumni are not allowed to access facilities such as the pool, gym, tennis courts, etc. unless they are registered as a guest of a current AES Association member.