Air Quality

Air pollution is a serious issue in Delhi where air quality declines significantly from about mid-October to the end of February. AES is leading the way in indoor air quality improvement for students, faculty and the community.

The following initiatives have been adapted to improve indoor air quality in all learning and working spaces.

  • AES has about 50 multi-layer filtration systems and more than 100 air quality monitors which record air quality and alert the facilities management team when the air-quality declines. AES started installing these forced air ventilation systems from August 2015. These multi-layer filtration systems improve air-quality by 70-80%.
  • AES has just installed cutting-edge air cleaning systems in the High School atrium, these are first of the kind in India which clean air through the process of ionization.
  • All community members have access to an air quality monitoring system on the AES website (AES AQI)which provide live data inside and outside the learning spaces.


AES Air Quality Guidelines

The Admin Team, together with our Health personnel are united in our conclusion that we will not proceed with a shutdown mentality, but rather we will proceed with a policy that is pro-activity and will review air quality data in a conservative manner. We will allow outside activity on a regular basis up to an AQI rating of 300 (200 in case of the Elementary school)  after that, we will announce an outside aerobic activity shut down.

Physical Education and the Air Quality Index (AQI)

1) On days when AQI readings exceed 300/200 and we are on No-Aerobic Activity status, the AES PE Department will modify activities in order to keep heart-rates and respiration-rates low, while still providing instruction and movement opportunities for our students.  The threshold of 200 AQI is observed for Elementary school students.

2) Any activity will be short in duration and of minimal physical demand.

3) We would like parents and students to know that individual requests to have more significant accommodations or to be excused from all activity will be honored with no penalty incurred by the student.

4) Students exhibiting or complaining of shortness of breath or irritation in the throat are routinely sent into a building with conditioned air until they feel relief.

5) A no-aerobic activity announcement will be made by the school Director, or if the Director is absent, by the Director of Operations or the Activities/Athletics Director.

6) When it is a non-aerobic activity day, flags will be posted in several places around the campus. This will offer visual communication extending beyond an email message.

7) Formal AES weekend activities will follow the same guidelines. So you know, we encourage community members to wear masks if they wish to do so.  High-quality masks will be sold via the PSA at the Tiger’s Den Spirit Store.

Relevant understandings regarding this decision include the following:

We believe that:

1) The majority of individuals and families expect that the school delivers a high-quality physical education and athletics program to students;

2) Activity is necessary for us all – children, young adults and adults – and inactivity presents potential behavioral and health-related problems;

3) Since teachers, advisers, and coaches know their students well, they will make decisions regarding mask use, the general level of activity of their students and the particular level of participation of individual students based on those students’ medical histories;

4) Parents always have the right to request that their student(s) does/do not participate in aerobic activities, or go outside for recess or classes, and under such circumstances, students will never be penalized for non-participation;

5) The air in our buildings is now significantly better than outside, and we will continue to monitor the indoor air quality;

6) We are members of international school athletic leagues – ASIAC and MESAC – and as such, we have commitments to be participatory, contributing members;

7) We wish to remain as active as possible regarding all aspects of our lives in New Delhi;

8) We intend to be a good source of data about air quality and health issues in Delhi and from time to time will provide air quality forums for our community.

Link to Air Quality Data