Instructor: Mr. Alan Rubin (Mob: 88-268-29337)

Wednesdays, 5:00-7:00 pm – 12 classes – 2 hrs each

Fee: $180 or equivalent INR (as per the AES Business Office exchange rate)

Begins: Wednesday, February 6

Maximum class size – 12


Bring your photography up to a new level. This class is structured for intermediate and advanced photographers.


The class will work to realize each person’s artistic vision as we explore street photography, portraits, and still life. We’ll take class field trips in the streets of Delhi to practice concepts and we’ll practice still life setups and talk about portraits and lighting. You’ll be assigned projects for homework and we’ll review in class. You’ll learn to interpret your own images to better understand your personal style! We’ll talk about editing images with a computer and how to create a story with multiple images.