College Overview

The information is this section is designed to provide students and parents will all the necessary information and knowledge needed for the application process for college and universities in the United States.

Also be sure to read the daily announcements sent out via email, and check out the AES HS Counseling Office page on Facebook for information, articles, and reminders about the college application process.


"High school grades are the single best gauge of how well a student will do in college, no matter how "easy" or "tough" the high school's grading system is. "High school grades measure a student's ability to 'get it done' in a more powerful way than do SAT scores. . . . They reveal qualities of motivation and perseverance--as well as the presence of good study habits and time management skills--that tell us a great deal about the chances that a student will complete a college program."  From Crossing the Finish Line by William Bowen and Michael McPherson.


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