Salary & Benefits

Summary of Benefits for Overseas Based Overseas Hired (OBOH) Faculty

DSC_0269Below is a summary of benefits available to overseas hired faculty (classified as OBOH), effective July 1, 2017. Please note that it is only a summary.

    1. Housing: Furnished apartment provided.
    2. Utilities: School pays for air-conditioning, electricity, water and cooking gas up to a limit.
    3. Telephone and internet
    4. Setting-in-Allowance:  Provided at the time of arrival per family.
    5. Professional Development: funding provided
    6. Travel:
      1. Beginning / End of Contract: Economy ticket for employee, spouse, up to 2 accompanying children.
      2. Home Leave airfare: For employee, spouse, and up to 2 accompanying children.
      3. Non-accompanying Child(ren): One trip back to Delhi in the 1st year, following graduation from AES.
      4. Family Emergency
    7. Transportation Allowance: Provided for those who stay outside of Chanakyapuri area.
    8. Tuition: Tuition, registration and application fees are not charged up to two accompanying children.
    9. Shipping (Air/Sea): School pays for freight and packing charges up to established limits.
    10. Shipping Insurance (Transit): Reimbursed, as per policy limits
    11. Hardship Allowance: Provided after completion of 3 years.
    12. Provident Fund (Retirement): AES contributes the required percentage of salary to Provident Fund (currently it is 12% of the annual salary).  Employees are also required to contribute an equal amount to Provident Fund.
    13. Gratuity: On completion of 5 continuous years of service, 15 days salary per year of service is paid, subject to the Indian Gratuity Act. 
    14. FICA: AES contributes the required percentage of salary and benefits to FICA (Social Security and Medicare) for US tax-payers.  Employees are also required to contribute an equal amount for FICA.
    15. Tax (India): AES will cover the financial impact of Indian taxes owed on salary and other remuneration received from the School. India has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA), with many countries, including the USA, UK, etc. OBOH employees are required to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) from their home tax country, if such agreement exists. AES will not cover the Indian tax liability if one does not apply for the TRC.  
    16. Tax (Home country): Employee is personally responsible for home country tax filing.
    17. Worldwide Health Insurance
    18. Eye and Dental Care: Annual cash allowance
    19. Personal Accident Insurance
    20. Emergency Medical Evacuation
    21. Life Insurance: Covered for one year’s salary
    22. Long-Term Disability Insurance: 60% of monthly salary/ maximum benefit of $6,000/month
    23. Leave:
      1. Sick: 15 days per year; employees can participate in Sick Leave Bank
      2. Professional: 5 days are available for conference attendance and similar professional activities.
      3. Personal: 3 days
      4. Maternity: 182 calendar days
      5. Adoption: 45 calendar days
      6. Paternity: 10 work days
      7. Sabbatical: After completion of 6 years of service, subject to approval by Board
  • Note: The above description is a summary. AES Board policies will take precedence over this summary.