American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

“An International Community”

The American Embassy School (AES) is located in the heart of the diplomatic community of New Delhi. AES serves Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 students from the United States and other nations. We provide an exceptional American education with an international perspective.

Covering more than 12 acres, AES is more than a school. It is a true community center for the expat population in Delhi. Take a few minutes to learn more about the school, its mission, and the people, places and programs that make it such a special place to learn, work, and live.

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Thank you for your interest in the American Embassy School. Whether a move to AES is in the works, or you are considering a move to India sometime in the future, we hope the information found in our website will be helpful to you.

AES community members are fortunate to benefit from outstanding educators, plentiful resources and a beautiful campus. New Delhi and India also provide outstanding learning opportunities for students and adults alike, and AES makes a strong effort to assist our community members connect with an area of the world with a remarkably rich history.

Our Mission includes the “joyful pursuit of excellence” and the desire to develop “responsible and compassionate global citizens.” We take our Mission seriously and search for ways to assist each student to reach their potential as lifelong learners and active citizens. Our motto of, “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve,” is offered with sincerity and commitment.

AES is a friendly, student-centered environment. Faculty, staff, students and parents welcome guests and offer assistance to visitors and new community members. We are proud of our school and the varied opportunities we offer to students both on and off our campus. We hope you find this spirit within the information and images you see here.

Please let us know if you have questions about our philosophy or programs. We would be pleased to assist you.




The American Embassy School provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

We believe that everyone:

  • has intrinsic value
  • needs safety, trust and respect
  • is responsible for his or her choices
  • learns and grows through challenge
  • lives more meaningfully when pursuing his or her passions
  • thrives in an environment of honesty and integrity
  • is enriched by diversity
  • is strengthened through service
  • flourishes in a community that is caring, collaborative, and nurturing
  • has the power to create a more peaceful world


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