Community Messages

Community Messages

Msg #20 –  May 3rd 2020

Dear AES Community,

I am writing to update you regarding the end of year plans we are now making.

On Friday May 1, the nationwide lockdown was extended two more weeks, through May 17. All of Delhi’s districts are classified as “Red Zones,” and there are 100 containment zones in Delhi as well. The May 1 extension order by the Ministry of Home Affairs is attached to this message. I have also added some brief information about the growth of COVID19 cases in India at the bottom of this email.

As a result of the lockdown extension and our Red Zone status, the Board and leadership team have agreed that classrooms at the American Embassy School will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019–20 school year. 

If the lockdown is eased in Delhi after May 17, and if transportation is easier for families and staff, we may be able to open some spaces on campus for limited access. We are hoping to open some of our common spaces and to offer end-of-year ‘closure’ activities for students, teachers and families. We will update the community as we know more.

Our teachers and administrators are proud of the efforts our students and families have made in the past eight weeks. Your attitude has been commendable! Long term, online Continuous Learning is not easy for students, parents or teachers. It requires us to have our positive attitudes on 24/7, as we balance discipline, self-care, and grace and empathy to others. Students, teachers and parents are learning resilience and other character traits that our regular in-class curriculum cannot emphasize. Thank you for all that you are doing.

Soon we will be assessing the community’s interest in online Summer School programs for the month of June. We know that many families are in Delhi and will be interested in a variety of active, fun, enriching learning opportunities. In the past our summer program was held in June, in two 2-week sessions. Our programs were primarily targeted for elementary and EAL students. This year we will gauge teacher and TA interest for K–12 online workshops and activities. We will ask for family interest as well. Our programs will only be targeted to AES families. We expect them to be online only. Parents, please look for our interest survey in the next few days, and respond quickly so that we can make plans.

Parents and students, if you want to learn more or make suggestions to me directly, please join me for an informal chat for 30–45 minutes if you can. These conversations are Delhi (IST) times...

In hope and solidarity,

Jim Laney Jr,

Director - AES