ALI@AES Primary Program

Primary Program – Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication

designed for English language learners ages 5-11; student:teacher ratio of 5:1

27407052470_c10bd83611_oThis program features a unique curriculum to support Academic English language development in these areas:

  • Literacy in Science and Math
  • Literacy in Academic Language Learning
  • Literacy in Enhanced Communication

Energetic Explorers Station

  • Science language through the 3E approach: explore, explain, and elaborate
  • Guided questions to stimulate inquiry, language and thinking

Lively Learners Station27839572796_cb435fbf18_o

  • Woven oral and written language with technology around age-appropriate content
  • Topics explored include: fiction and non-fiction as well as research

Competent Communicators Station

  • A focus on grammatical and vocabulary structures through spoken English and technology
  • Activities that foster language development: interviews, storytelling and debating