EAL in the Elementary School

The AES Classroom

AES classrooms are engaging and dynamic centers of learning. Each classroom is strongly committed to five important beliefs about what takes place during the school day.

  • Active Learning: Class participation is essential.
  • Responsibility: Students must make choices, voice opinions and ask questions when they don’t understand.
  • Independence: Students apply new strategies, use everything they know and push themselves as learners.
  • Cooperation: Students work together with partners or in groups with the goal of everyone being successful.
  • Risk-taking: Celebrate mistakes and learn from them.


Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten: English language is not required for admission into pre-kindergarten or kindergarten.

Grades 1-5: A student qualifies for EAL support if his or her English proficiency level is lower than grade-level standards.

How Our Students Learn

EAL support is not provided in Pre-kindergarten or Kindergarten. Students in Grades 1-5 receive support from an EAL specialist in the grade-level classroom. The EAL specialist and the classroom teacher co-plan and co-teach lessons to ensure all students can succeed in the curriculum. In addition, students identified as beginner English learners attend an intensive English class every day. In Grades 3-5, EAL students also attend World Language English classes, where they focus on building academic language related to the grade-level content.  

Exiting EAL

IMG_2033Students take the WIDA Model assessment every spring. If a student’s scores meet the criteria for exiting EAL, then the classroom teacher and EAL specialist will discuss the student’s class work, level of participation, attitude toward English learning, and other factors that impact success in the classroom. If teachers agree the student can succeed without additional English support, the student will exit EAL and be redesignated as EAL-Monitor for one year.

Students who complete Grade 5 and plan to continue at AES take an English proficiency assessment for placement in the AES Middle School.