Student Support Services

ES frontAES recognizes that children learn in different ways and at different rates but they all can learn. Student Support Services provides the expertise and nurturing environment to identify and support those learning differences.

For students whose learning needs are not fully met by interventions offered in their classroom, the AES Elementary Learning Center provides additional support. The delivery models are based upon a combination of the curriculum and students’ developmental and academic needs.

Following the Response to Intervention model (RTI), supports follow a continuum from classroom-based, to targeted group interventions, and then to an individual learning plan, if needed. All student support staff provide consultation and supports along this continuum.

Areas of support offered at AES include learning resources for literacy and math, speech/language services, classroom guidance, small group or individual counseling, and assessment by the elementary school psychologist.  The Elementary School in AES provides this support for students with mild to moderate disabilities. Parents of children with more severe needs should be aware that as an independent international school, AES does not offer full special education programming as prescribed by law for public schools in the United States.  While we will do everything we can to support incoming students, accommodating children with significant sensory or cognitive disabilities, or severe emotional or behavioral disorders is beyond the scope of services offered at AES. The ability to support prospective students will be determined by the Admissions Review Committee.