Minicourses are an exciting part of our high school curriculum. It is a time when the doors to the classroom close and students leave Delhi with the purpose of exploring the expansive and fascinating country of India. AES is committed to providing this opportunity for students to deepen their appreciation of Indian culture, to gain a better understanding of the immense diversity found within the host country, to develop new friendships with other students and teachers, and to learn more about themselves as individuals.


The Minicourse mission is to …

a)   provide academic and direct exposure to India with the hopes of nurturing a better understanding and appreciation of Indian culture, geography, and people

b)   strengthen acquaintances within the AES high school community among students and faculty, as well as the development of responsibilities commensurate with group living

c)   increase respect for the environment through exposure to unique habitats, unique topographical features, and the visible impact of human populations on the land

d)   provide opportunities for personal reflection, self-awareness, and self-reliance

e)   provide opportunities to develop new interests and aspirations.

Minicourse participation is a high school graduation requirement, and active participation is required for each year a student attends high school at AES. There is no additional charge for the Minicourse; the costs are included in annual tuition. However, if the student doesn’t already have it, families will need to purchase necessary clothing such as cold-weather coats and pants, hiking shoes, etc. if they are needed for the selected Minicourse. Students undertaking a course with photography must have a camera as well, separate from a phone.

Minicourse each year launches in September with an assembly, parent information sessions, and access via MyAES to the itineraries and expectations for each Minicourse. FAQ on safety and other issues of particular interest to parents are also available. Parents must be involved in the request process to ensure they are aware of what is required and approve of the challenge level requested. A random lottery system is used to assign students to courses, and they may sign up in pairs if they wish.

More information on Minicourse is available through the MyAES website.

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