Student Support Services

AES recognizes that some students require support services in order to enhance the likelihood of success in regular classes.

The overall goal of Student Support Services is to provide individual students with the instructional services and support necessary to achieve learning success in school. Specialists and subject area teachers collaborate to meet the needs of students with learning and/or performance differences, working toward the goal of fostering motivated, confident, and self-directed learners.

The following belief statements developed by the AES High School Student Support Team (SST) guide us in providing services to students in need of learning support. The Student Support Team meets on a weekly basis, and participants may include the counselors, the academic support teacher, the school psychologist, the administration, the student’s regular classroom teacher(s) and/or the health office staff.

We believe:

  • students build self-confidence and better prepare themselves to be lifelong learners by developing self-advocacy skills and  HS SST Student Handbookby understanding their learning strengths and challenges.
  • it is important to work with the whole child (intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically) and to build on a student’s strengths as well as to address areas of concern.
  • learning issues may change as the child grows, and developmental differences may need to be considered.
  • an effective student support program requires a team approach with all team members sharing responsibility for the student’s learning. Teams may include students, parents, teachers, student support personnel, and administrators.
  • staying current with research and best practice helps the team determine how to address student needs

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