Middle School


Welcome to the Middle School at the American Embassy School in New Delhi!

This webpage can help you explore a few avenues about our middle school and what you can expect for your students. At AES Middle School, we are all about action, and nothing speaks to the program we offer more than our current students and faculty. For a taste of what AES Middle School is all about, please check out our MS Blog. This will give you a glimpse into daily life. Additionally, other sections can provide more formal details on the program.

Living and learning in India is a rich experience that the middle school takes advantage of in a variety of ways. At AES, your child will have India opportunities like service trips and clubs, our Week withOut Walls program, and building understanding directly threaded into the curriculum.

The Middle School Years are a great time of growth and development. As students, it is exciting to be more independent and have more privileges. As parents, this is a time for support, encouragement and relentless guidance in a subtle way. As educators, it is a time to set high expectations, provide challenges and encourage new opportunities. Middle School is a very busy time and AES Middle School is all about the kids!

We look forward to meeting you when you join us on the Indian Adventure!


Anthea Clifton

Middle School Principal