Week withOut Walls (WOW)

Week withOut Walls (WOW)

The Middle School curriculum includes a required five-day WOW trip each year. Groups travel throughout India and experiences include environmental stewardship, community service, cultural immersion, and wilderness adventure.

AES Middle School WOW Mission

The AES Middle School WOW Program provides students with unique cultural, personal, interpersonal and environmental experiences not available on the AES campus. From these experiences students will learn, reflect, and grow as individuals.

The WOW mission is to:

  • Provide authentic, direct exposure to India in order to nurture a better understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and geography;
  • Develop new friendships as well as strengthen existing ones in the AES Middle School community;
  • Increase respect for the environment and local culture through exposure to unique habitats and the effect of human populations on land;
  • Provide opportunities for personal reflection, self-awareness and self-reliance. 
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