School Governance

“We are committed to practicing transparent and collaborative decision-making while maintaining effective governance.”

All executive powers of the Association are vested in the Board of Governors.  Seven voting members of the Board are elected by the Association (comprised of all AES parents and faculty).  In addition, the Director of AES is an ex-officio member of the Board and two non-voting members are appointed by the US Ambassador.  The Board itself may also elect three honorary members, usually representing the Parent School Association, the Faculty Association and a member of student government.

The Board sets the strategic vision for the school and creates school policies that reflect that vision.  It hires the Director, approves budgets and fees, and oversees other fiduciary aspects of the school as defined by the charter and policies.

Our monthly meetings are open to all and are held on the third Thursday of each month. Dates, times, locations and agendas are posted in advance of each meeting.

In addition, in order to tackle the wide range of challenges related to school governance, there are several committees that also meet on a monthly basis.  Association members may serve on Board Committees by appointment of the President, attend individual meetings to provide expertise on an issue under discussion or are welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about the work of the Board.