Service at AES

For more than 60 years, the motto at AES has been Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve. We take our commitment seriously, and have opportunities for students to not only understand and take responsible action within the curriculum, but also a healthy extracurricular service club offering. In addition, we have developed an infrastructure that invites and encourages students to identify areas of need and develop additional programs in a student-inspired, student-initiated, student-run model.

High School

Hope Pic 4The notion of community service has always been an integral part of AES. In the AES High School, the Community Service Council was created to collaborate between various service clubs, coordinate efforts, and ensure the continuance of service at AES. Bylaws were created to mandate the responsibilities of the 12 service clubs in the high school that range from teaching underprivileged children, empowering women, providing health care, and interacting with disabled and sick people to helping make Delhi and AES more green and  advocating for human rights, for equality and acceptance for all At AES, there is a service club to meet everyone’s strengths so that every high school student has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and impact the lives of people in our community.

Here’s a list of all the student-run service clubs for the current school year.

Check out what our students have to say about the service options for the current school year in this student-produced video.

The Service Council Vision: 

An AES community in which every student is intrinsically motivated and empowered to bring about meaningful and sustainable change in both our immediate and larger community.

The Service Council Mission: 

To lead, support and coordinate various service clubs within the school focused on Delhi and India.

The Goal of the Service Council is to:

  • Access and then serve the most direct needs of our community, neighborhood and host country.
  • Create Global Citizens who are able to understand and reflect on global needs/humanities.
  • Fulfill a genuine need for recipients that can be sustained over time.
  • Provide the opportunity to create mutual trust, respect, and joy among all participating while leading to self-reliance for the beneficiaries.
  • Offer students opportunities for learning leadership and advocacy skills as well as the critical thinking needed to solve the complex issues the world faces.
  • Leave students believing that they can make a positive difference.

For more information about service in the High School, you can contact Service Council Student Coordinator Joya Kumar, Service Council Deputy Coordinator Janya Gambhir, or Vera Garg, High School Service Coordinator

Middle School

IMG_0199All students in the Middle School have multiple opportunities to participate in service organizations that provide education, interaction, or intervention during the school year.  The Middle School has quite a variety of service opportunities available to students. Students were of service to their peers, through our leadership model, and to the local population through some outreach programs such as HOPE Club, Reach Out and by participating in the service trips to:

  • Friendicoes Animal Shelter
  • Palna Orphanage
  • HelpAge Senior Citizen Home
  • Blind School Candle making (with Roots and Shoots)
  • Salaam Baalak Trust Walk

Within the school day, the middle school has taken a growth and maturity approach to service learning that develops a sense of independence and instills awareness in the necessity and value of service.

Grade 6 students spend time as an entire grade level exploring and reflecting what service is, who and what it serves, opportunities for service that take place in Delhi and a simulation to help spark understanding of what it feels like to need service.

Grade 7 students experience service through an organized advisory interaction with local school children.  While teachers organize this, activities are inspired and led by students with adult guidance and help.

IMG_2809Grade 8 students design, develop and implement a service learning experience as part of their first semester advisory program. In addition, many Grade 8 students blend a component of community service into the interdisciplinary Population Project.  These students independently choose to share information they researched on an issue about India through a public service announcement, an active letter campaign, or direct hours of community service.  Moreover, the Grade 8 students consistently serve as role models for Amnesty, Reach Out and the other small student initiated drives.

The growth and maturity approach works well developmentally for middle school students as they have an introduction, an organized experience and then independently select an issue in India on which to raise awareness.  Our school motto of “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” represents the Middle School approach as students are guided as they take initial steps towards creating for themselves a responsible role in community, regional, and international activities.

Elementary School

The Elementary School faculty and administration have recently created a set of beliefs for service in the Elementary Schools. Teachers are using these now to implement projects at the class level.

Service Learning Beliefs

Aligned with Curriculum and/or AES Mission & Values

  • Meaningful, relevant and developmentally appropriate practices aligned to curriculum or AES vision
  • Begin with Inquiry
  • Identify the needs with an appropriately critical look at deep causes
  • Ties to academic content at AES and ES that can be built upon in the school day
  • ES service learning opportunities can be tied to MS/HS service learning
  • Develop specific skills (leadership, organization, communication, team work, etc.)
  • As educators we need to continue our understanding and inquiry in the concept of service.

Balanced Opportunity for AES Students and the Community Being Served

  • Learning to approach service with humility (as sojourners)and gratitude for opportunity
  • Mutually beneficial – everyone benefits from learning
  • Opportunity for both ES students and the recipient community
  • Opportunities for collaboration within and across the divisions in school
  • Sustainable and ongoing for a certain amount of time

Nurture and Inspire

  • Nurture understanding, empathy, passion, and respect for others
  • Inspire empathy in our students that leads to compassion and action
  • Develop relationship of mutual trust and respect


  • Reflect and evaluate the impact of our service on ourselves and others
  • Revise plans if necessary