The Arts at AES

Welcome to the Arts at AES

Fostering creativity, encouraging expression, developing and honing skills – these are the goals of the arts team at AES.

Broadening students’ horizons through curricular and extra-curricular activities, we believe everyone lives more meaningfully when pursuing their passions.

Join us in our celebration of the arts!


IMG_7868Vibrant and exciting, dance is an integral part of the arts at AES. For Elementary students, dance is embedded into PE and music classes, annual performances and is also offered as an after school activity.

In Middle School, all students take part in dance class during the 6th grade exploratory. An MS Dance elective – Pattern, Parkour, Performance – is a fun and challenging option for students who love to move, and dancers also perform in MS shows.

At the High School level, students may take Dance as an elective, and everyone has the opportunity to join the HS Dance Crew. The Dance Crew members not only perform in an annual showcase, they also teach dance to local students from the Vivekenand Camp and HOPE Tigri School. Dancers also participate in MESAC invitational dance festivals and the semi-annual trip to New York City.


Cinderella258Dynamic and growing, AES Theatre entertains and challenges!

Drama classes for Elementary students are offered through the after school iPop program, and students in grades four and five may choose to be part of the annual musical or spring performance.

Middle School students may select Drama or Design and Technical Theatre classes as part of their electives program, and can audition for roles in the two annual productions. Students may also audition to become members of the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) team and participate in theatre festivals through ISTA and ASIAC.

NoisesOff018At the High School, three levels of theatre courses are available: Introduction to Acting, Advanced Acting, and IB Theatre. A Stagecraft class is also on offer for students who are keen to develop backstage and design skills. Students perform in annual plays, musicals, and one-acts, and have the opportunity to join MESAC arts festivals, TaPS programs, and the IB Theatre trip to London.

We don’t reserve the stage for students alone. AES is also very proud of its annual Faculty Musical, which has raised over twelve thousand US dollars for the Salaam Balaak Trust Fund (helping street children in India), and its newly-launched Community Theatre program.


Life-long love of music is cultivated at AES. Students, teachers and parents alike are encouraged to engage in making and listening to music.

IMG_6040All Elementary students take part in curricular music classes. Informative sharing performances are held regularly during class time. Many students also take after school classes through iPop or with private teachers. iPop classes include ES Choir, Strings, and Integrated Arts.

Middle School students begin with a full year of Band, Chorus, or Strings in sixth grade. In seventh and eighth grade they may choose to continue in the same stream. Guitar is also offered as an MS elective. The MS students share their progress by performing in concerts held throughout the year.

Band, Chorus and Strings are offered at the High School level, as well as Guitar and Piano. Musical opportunities abound – from Jazz Band, to the MESAC arts festival, to the NHS Talent Show, AMIS workshops, and trips to musical hubs in Europe and Asia.

Visual Arts

Creative exploration and expression are fostered in the AES visual arts program, which reaches from Kindergarden to twelfth grade.

DSC_7190 copy copyThe Elementary Art Program guides children in developing skills with materials in five areas: drawing, painting, printmaking, clay work and multi-media. Children view, discuss and are inspired by artwork from various artists, time periods and cultures. Students are encouraged to respond creatively in designing and completing their art projects.

In Middle School, all students take the Art Exploratory in sixth grade and Art 7. They may go on to develop their skills further in Ceramics, Photography, Sculpture, Animation or Studio Art.

The High School offers Art, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Digital Arts, Digital Film-making as well as IB Art classes.

Visiting Artist Series

Drew-Colby-Christmas-puppetInspiring our community is what the visiting artists series is all about.

Working across all three schools, with students, teachers and families, the series brings professional artists to our campus to share their passion for the arts. Our goal is to offer intensive, interactive opportunities to learn from briliant and creative experts.

The visiting artists series brings in dancers, illustrators, jazz musicians, violin virtuosos, conductors, stand up comedians, spoken word poets, rock bands, storytellers, puppeteers, actors, aerialists, theatre troupes, blues singers and piano prodigies!