BusThe American Embassy School has contracted with International Travel Lines to provide the best in class school transportation service, keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the bus riders/students.

The school currently has a fleet of 26 air-conditioned buses providing service to most neighborhoods in New Delhi and Gurgaon. As the bus ridership fluctuates, the school adapts routes, provided we have a minimum of 8 riders for each route.

Each school bus has a designated Bus Monitor to supervise the bus during the route. Bus Monitors ensure student safety on board the bus, take attendance, and assist in boarding and exiting.

At AES, we believe in incorporating environmental considerations into business practices and as an initiative, all the school buses operate on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Riding on our school buses is more than four times better than riding in cars, in terms of carbon emissions, and also reduces traffic congestion around the school.

Bus fees is charged,on the basis of distance to and from school.