AES ID Cards 

AES ID cards are issued to all parents and students in Grades 6-12.  We will have cards ready for most families when you arrive for orientation on August 3.  Our security team will be available to take your photo on August 3 if for some reason the photo we have on file does not meet the specifications.


Your new ID card is very useful:

  • AES ID cards are required to access campus.  If you don’t have your school ID then you will need to be signed in at one of the security gates.
  • You can buy food, coffee, and snacks with it!  Add money to your account online or at the Business Office and then use the card at one of our convenient kiosks or cafes.
  • Use it to sign books out from the libraries.

Please note:  Only students (Grades 6-12), parents, and legal guardians are entitled for issuance of an ID card.  We are unable to issue IDs to other relatives.