Student Lunches

Elementary School
Pre-K to KG – Pre-K Cafeteria.  School menu.
Grades 1 to 5 – 1st floor cafeteria, 11:10am until 1:10pm. School menu.

  • Students eat together, whether they opt-in to the lunch program or bring a packed lunch.
  • Students can try out the lunch program for a few weeks before making a commitment.
  • Snacks are not available for purchase so please send snacks for breaks throughout the day.

Middle School
Grades 6 to 8 – 2nd floor cafeteria, 11:50am until 12:25pm. School menu.

  • Students eat together, whether they opt-in to the lunch program or bring their own food.
  • Students can try out the lunch program for a few weeks before making a commitment.
  • Snacks are available for purchase from the MS Kiosk and Tiger Kiosk (students use their AES ID card for purchases – money can be added to their account online or through the Business Office)

High School
Grades 9 to 12 – HS Cafeteria, Tiger’s Den & the Breezeway Cafe. School menu and a-la-carte options.

  • Students choose where and when to eat
  • All food is purchased using an AES ID card – money can be added to their account online or through the Business Office (lunch program is not available for HS students)

Food Services Overview

AES is proud of our in-house, affordable, nutritious, tasty food services program.  As a rule, AES does not serve any pre-packaged food. We strive to make all our dishes in-house. We constantly aim for good nutrition and best practices in student health and wellness. Organic food material is sourced whenever possible. The best ingredients from the local market are used for all our preparations.

There are no disposable plastic water bottles sold at AES; the school provides safe drinking water at all fountains and coolers. The entire community is encouraged to bring in refillable bottles. In addition, wherever possible, biodegradable utensils and recyclable bags are used in our take-away kiosks. In addition to providing meals on campus through several venues, there is also a catering office that provides food for group events or general purchase.

Elementary and Middle School students can choose to opt-out of the school lunch program, though each year around 95% of the students participate. Should you choose not to subscribe to the annual lunch fee, then please ensure that your children carry a substantial home lunch.

MS students will also find a variety of drinks and snacks right at their doorstep! The MS Kiosk is open during break times as well as immediately after school. MS Students must use their pre-loaded ID cards to purchase food at the kiosk; no cash is accepted.

The High School Cafeteria and the Breezeway Cafe are open between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, and students may buy lunch, drinks, and fresh snacks there. We are constantly working on augmenting choices, especially during lunch hours as per student requests and viability.

Please note that it is mandatory for all HS students to load their ID cards at the Business Office or online as no cash transactions are done at HS school food locations.

AES Nutrition Policy

AES recognizes that good nutrition combined with appropriate physical activity positively impacts students’ health, and their ability and motivation to learn. Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Providing students with healthy and nutritious foods;
  • Encouraging the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and whole grains;
  • Supporting healthy eating through nutrition education;
  • Encouraging students to select and consume all components of the school meal.

Items served at the kiosks and in the cafeteria, including after school or on weekends, shall meet the standards as outlined in the guidelines established by the administration.

Food and beverages served during special school celebrations or during curriculum related activities may be exempt from this policy.

Adequate time shall be allotted for student meal service and consumption. The school shall provide a pleasant dining environment.

AES is committed to promoting the Nutrition Policy with all food service personnel, teachers, nurses, coaches and other school administrative staff so that they have the necessary skills to implement this policy and promote healthy eating practices. The administration will work toward expanding awareness regarding this policy among students, parents, teachers and the community at large and ensuring compliance with this policy and the nutrition guidelines.


Cafes and Kiosks for the whole family

Tiger’s Den

Monday to Friday 7:30am – 6pm
Saturdays 8am – 2pm

Parents, staff and HS students are welcome to visit this barista-style food area, where we provide a comfortable area for breakfast or lunch, a quick bite to eat, a cappuccino, or a fresh lime soda. Whether you want to eat alone, get out your laptop for a bit of work, or have a conversation with friends, there is a variety of seating available.  It is also home to the Spirit Shop, where you can find AES tiger gear and school supplies.

Elementary and Middle School-aged children must be accompanied by a parent in Tiger’s Den.

Tiger Kiosk

Monday to Friday 7:45am – 9:45am and  2:15pm – 5pm

Located at the entrance of the gym near Gate 5.  Healthy snacks and beverages are available, no sweet snacks are on offer before school. While cash is accepted, parents are also urged to use pre-loaded ID cards for payment to cut down on transaction times.


Saturday Snack Bar

Saturday 9am – 4pm

A small counter supplying drinks and a few snacks is open at the ground level of the Food Building each Saturday for your convenience.


Outside Sales

A range of bakery products and other take-away dishes are available onsite, and also for catering orders. This service continues on Saturdays and during certain vacation times.