General Medical Information

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Health Office

The Health Office is open Monday- Friday 7am – 6pm and Saturday 8am – 4pm.  The Health Office Team offer first aid and nursing care support to staff and students, and can connect AES community members to local health care services and providers for individual medical needs.Health Office

The Health Office can be contacted on Ext 3700 or by email at

New Student Health Information

Please provide any relevant health information at the time of admission such as allergies, disabilities, chronic illnesses, medication requirements or physical activity concerns.  The Health Services Coordinator will meet with parents of students with health concerns at the time of admission to develop an appropriate care plan for their child.  Please note that EpiPens are not available in India – see important note on allergies below.

Immunization History

All students must be up to date with their childhood vaccinations including Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis, Polio, Hib (PK and KG only), Measles, Mumps & Rubella and Hepatitis B.  The health office recommends, but does not mandate that your child is vaccinated against Rabies, Varicella, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Pneumococcal, Japanese Encephalitis, Human Papillomavirus, and BCG (if student is < 5 years). For further information on immunizations please contact the health office directly.

Physical Examination

All new students must submit a physical examination form before their start date at AES.  This form should be emailed directly to the health office email;  Students entering Grades 1, 6, 9 must also submit the physical examination form before the school year commences.

TB Screening

All students who have not had a BCG (TB) vaccination are required to have tuberculosis screening completed before their AES start date, and every two years thereafter. This can be completed as a PPD Mantoux test or a Chest X-ray (CXR). If a student has a history of a positive PPD Mantoux test and has completed the treatment course they would require a chest X-ray for clearance. If a student has had their BCG vaccination within the last 5 years, they do not require a TB screening; please make sure the Health Office has the BCG date recorded. BCG (TB) vaccinations are not mandatory.

General Health Information

Parent Communication

You will receive an email notification every time your child visits the Health Office. If your child needs to be picked up from school or we feel it necessary to speak with you further, we will contact you by phone.

Epipens and Food Allergies

Epipens are not available in India and it is not possible for the school to order or allocate your child with an EpiPen. If your child has been prescribed an EpiPen, you must provide an EpiPen to the school, and don’t forget to ensure you have a supply of EpiPens for personal use with a 12 month expiry.

We are committed to ensuring that we provide an environment that maximizes the safety of our students and protects those who have allergies.

  •  All staff dealing with students are Epipen trained.
  •  Students are encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating.
  •  We actively discourage sharing of food and snacks between students.
  •  Allergy and Anaphylaxis Care Plans are developed for all students with severe allergies.

Local hospitals and doctors

We have developed relationships with various hospitals and doctors in Delhi, based upon positive experiences from within our AES community. We have a ‘Medical Provider List’ which will be available to you at the New Student Orientation or from the Health Office.