User ID’s and Passwords

All parents will be given a user ID and password before school begins.  This will give you access to PowerSchool, our School Information System, where you will update contact information, register your children for activities and athletics, book Parent Teacher appointments, and view report cards.  The ID and password also provide access to my.aes – our internal website where you will find detailed information about school events, programs, etc.

Elementary School

iPad information


All students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 will have an iPad assigned to them in class.  The iPads are kept in the classrooms and do not go home with the students.




Middle School

iPad information




Our ​iPad online agreement​ should be reviewed by parent and student.  Please read and sign the 2019-20 info and agreement.


The online agreement covers the Middle School handbook, some Frequently Asked iPad Questions and the Responsible Use Policy. We have also added the Family Media Agreement from Common Sense Media. We highly recommend making an agreement with your child about iPad use and managing the device at home. We are happy to partner with you to support you and your child as you create your guidelines and make your agreements.

We also offer the opportunity for parents to insure the iPad. The cost of the insurance is $50 USD per child. Our program does not include loss or theft. Please see ​the online handbook and agreement for further information.

Based on several years of experience with our iPad program, we have a staggered and developmental approach to unrolling individual privileges. The school guidelines are:

  • Grade 6: ​No personal apps*
  • ​Grade 7:​ No personal apps*
  • Grade 8: ​10 personal apps**

*For Grades 6 and 7: no personal apps also includes downloading them on to the school device outside of school and deleting them before arriving at school.
**For Grade 8: some personal apps do not support our school mission and values. If we find such an app, we will inform parents and ask that the app be removed from the school device (examples include: Kik, 9gag,



High School

Laptop information



Please read and sign the Responsible Use Policy in order for your child to receive his/her laptop.

Your child will receive their laptop during the first week of the school year. Students will be able to pick up the laptop in the MakerSpace at a scheduled time. Staff will be on hand to make sure that they can log in and answer any questions.  All students will receive a MacBook Air, an original Apple charger, and a case, which all must be returned when they leave or graduate.

The core software that we use in the HS:

    • Powerschool
    • Google Suite (Gmail, calendar, drive, docs, sheets, slides, classroom, etc.)
    • Graphing calculator (for math)
    • MaiaLearning (this is what connects our students to universities)
    • Basic Apple software
    • Basic MS Office (mostly Excel for math and science)

Frequently Asked Questions about the HS 1:1 Laptop Program

      1. Do parents have to pay for the device?
        No. AES provides the MacBook Air laptops.
      2. What if my child already has a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Can they use that? What are the minimum requirements for the computer?
        You can bring your own Mac as long as it meets the following school requirements:
      • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro: 2014 model or newer;
      • 4 GB RAM or greater;
      • at least 8 GB free disk space;
      • “Wireless n” capable;
      • 4 hour or better battery life;
      • run Sierra or newer operating system;
      • allow AES admin access to your laptop.
      • Will parents have admin rights on their child’s computer?
        Only by special request. Generally, the school and the students will have admin rights (although some of the students’ rights are limited).  Students will be able to do everything they need to do in order to use the laptop effectively.
      • Am I obligated to purchase the school insurance?
        The insurance program is optional. However, if you do not have home insurance that will cover accidental damage to the laptop, we highly recommend the school insurance. If you do not buy the insurance you will be obligated to pay for the repairs of the laptop. You are NOT allowed to have the laptop repaired from an outside vendor. You MUST have AES get the laptop repaired at our official service center.
      • What does the school insurance cover?
        The school insurance covers accidental damage. It does not include loss, theft, or catastrophic damage.
      • How long does the insurance policy last?
        The insurance lasts for one year and will need to be renewed each school year, or after each incident, whichever comes first.
      • What software will be provided for the laptops? Is any software disallowed?
        Microsoft Office, Logger Pro, and Sophos Antivirus come installed.  Adobe CS6 (Photoshop etc.) is available and can be installed while at school. Various other applications will be available for students to install on a self-service basis. See the HS Student Handbook for details on what software is not allowed on the laptop. BitTorrent clients, streaming videos and hacking tools, for example, are not allowed.
      • What type of tech support will there be in the High School?
        We have two full-time HS Technology Assistants to support staff and students as well as our full-time HS Tech Coordinator.
      • Can we purchase the device when we leave the school?
        The devices will be auctioned off at the end of their life cycle. The laptops cannot be sold earlier as a brand new laptop would have to be purchased to replace it.
      • Can my child take the computer home over the summer?
        Yes. One of the things students indicated was the importance of feeling ownership around the device. We hope that by allowing returning students to keep the laptop over the summer, it will become a personal device.
      • What will be provided with the MacBook Air?
        Charger and protective sleeve.
      • Can I personalize my MacBook Air?
        If you use a “crystal cover” or hard shell (purchased on your own) you can put stickers all over it! Otherwise, we will not allow stickers/paint/whiteout etc. directly on the laptop. You cannot modify the actual laptop, as this voids the warranty, but things like Gelaskins are okay, and look cool too! If in doubt, ask.
      • What if I forget my laptop at home?
        Bringing your fully charged laptop to school every day is required.  AES does have limited loaner laptops available in the Hub (first floor, next to the Breezeway).
      • What if my laptop is not charged?
        Bringing your laptop fully charged to school is required and you should bring your charger to school.  A limited number of loaner chargers are available in the tech office.